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    Unhappy Cannot Start UI design, Please check your code for errors


    I am new to J2Me development and even newer to Carbide.j

    I am using 1.0 version integrated with Eclipse v3.1 . Now the problem is that sometimes during flow designing I get this error when I switch to UI desing windows:

    Cannot start Nokia UI designer, Please check your code for errors

    Now, i haven't changed the code as yet. Haven't even opened the window. So, why this error. There is no error in my code. I think it has something to do with naming as components as this happens generally when I rename an added component. Is this a bug in carbide or what?

    Can someone help ??

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    Re: Cannot Start UI design, Please check your code for errors


    I've checked release notes for "Eclilpse/UI Designer" issues and none is matching basic description you've provided,
    can you follow any step-by-step guide from Carbide.j documentation to see what is happening while starting entire project from scratch? (Section 12: Designer and 17.8.3 UI Designer)


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    Re: Cannot Start UI design, Please check your code for errors

    This is actually the second time this has happened. This is what happens:-

    1. I start a new project. Add a few forms. Then I interconnect them with a few commands. And then I change the display names of these commands according to my convinence. Then I go to UI designer and add a few component. And I also rename the command names and component names for e.g. from command1 to say commandNext.

    I think there lies the issue.If the names of the component or the command is too big. I cannot start the UI designer again for that form. And the error message is displayed. There is no problem with the code and the emulator runs fine too. If I change the name to a smaller name I can use the UI designer again.

    This is what happens exactly (twice, it happened). I have this nasty habit of giving long names to variables. I would have to give it up I think. Though the problem is solved by giving smaller names but guys should look into it.

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