Hi gang,

Does anyone know how to have the help browser display all the available help topics for a particular help file UID using:

HlpLauncher::LaunchHelpApplicationL(selected parameters)


So far I've been passing in an RWSsession parameter and a TCoeHelpContext array with ONE help context in it. The help context appended to the array is declared something like this:

TCoeHelpContext aHelpContext;
aHelpContext.iMajor = [whatever the UID number is];
aHelpContext.iContext = KBlank;

Right now when the help browser launches in the S60 3rd Edition emulator, it just displays the FIRST help context in the particular UID that I specify. For a comparable UIQ project I worked on, passing a blank literal descriptor made the help broswer display all the available help contexts for the UID I specified, and I would like to replicate this behavior. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.