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    ERROR: Executing Bmconv failed!

    I start a basic "Hello World" project (Test) on Carbide.C++ and all OK. Compile, Build and run.
    But when I change qgn_menu_Test.svg to qgn_menu_Test_cxt.bmp+qgn_menu_Test_cxt_mask_soft.bmp+qgn_menu_Test_lst.bmp+qgn_menu_Test_lst_mask_soft.bmp and change Test.mifdef to
    I have this error on build:
    perl -S epocmifdef.pl  -p"C:\Programming\Symbian_9.1\Test\" -hC:\Symbian\9.1\S60_3rd_MR\EPOC32\include\Test.mbg -o"/Symbian/9.1/S60_3rd_MR/EPOC32/DATA/Z/resource/apps/Test.mif" ../gfx/Test.mifdef
    Reading source list file: ../gfx/Test.mifdef.txt
    Checking: C:\Programming\Symbian_9.1\Test\gfx\qgn_menu_Test_cxt.bmp
    Checking: C:\Programming\Symbian_9.1\Test\gfx\qgn_menu_Test_lst.bmp
    Loading mif icons...
    Writing mif: /Symbian/9.1/S60_3rd_MR/EPOC32/DATA/Z/resource/apps/Test.mif
    Loading mbm icons...
    Loading file: C:\Programming\Symbian_9.1\Test\gfx\qgn_menu_Test_cxt.bmp
    Loading file: C:\Programming\Symbian_9.1\Test\gfx\qgn_menu_Test_cxt_mask_soft.bmp
    Loading file: C:\Programming\Symbian_9.1\Test\gfx\qgn_menu_Test_lst.bmp
    Loading file: C:\Programming\Symbian_9.1\Test\gfx\qgn_menu_Test_lst_mask_soft.bmp
    Writing mbm: /Symbian/9.1/S60_3rd_MR/EPOC32/DATA/Z/resource/apps/Test.mbm
    BMCONV version 112.
    Multiple bitmap store type: Compressed ROM image store
    Epoc file: /8C:\Programming\Symbian_9.1\Test\gfx\qgn_menu_Test_cxt.bmp
    Bitmap file 1	: /8C:\Programming\Symbian_9.1\Test\gfx\qgn_menu_Test_cxt_mask_soft.bmp
    Bitmap file 2	: /8C:\Programming\Symbian_9.1\Test\gfx\qgn_menu_Test_lst.bmp
    Bitmap file 3	: /8C:\Programming\Symbian_9.1\Test\gfx\qgn_menu_Test_lst_mask_soft.bmp
    Bad destination file(s).
    ERROR: Executing Bmconv failed!
    ***** Multi-image-file converter *****
    MIFCONV	output_file_name.mif 
    	[[/A] [/OPT] src_file_name_1.EXT] ... [[/A] [/OPT] src_file_name_N.EXT] 
     /Hheader_file_name.mbg   specifies output header file name
     /E                       specifies that source icons are only loaded with given
                              file extensions. By default, MifConv prefers source icons with
                              extension .svg over .bmp, regardless of which is given as a parameter.
     /Ppalette_file_name      palette parameter, which is forwarded to BmConv for bitmap icons.
                              See more details in BmConv help.
     /Bbmconv_path            specifies the location path of bmconv.exe.
     /Ssvgtbinencode_path     specifies the location path of svgtbinencode.exe.
     /A                       specifies animated flag for icon
     /OPT[,MASK]              specifies icon framebuffer depth and mask depth
             /OPT may be one of /1,/2,/4,/8,/c4,/c8,/c12,/c16,/c24,/c32
             MASK may be one of 1,8
     EXT                      may be one of SVG, BMP
     Parameter file defined with option /F may contain
     any of the parameters listed above, separated by spaces or newlines.
    * mifconv.exe failed
    make: *** [/Symbian/9.1/S60_3rd_MR/EPOC32/DATA/Z/resource/apps/Test.mif] Error 1
    I don't undestand, why
    Epoc file: /8C:\Programming\Symbian_9.1\Test\gfx\qgn_menu_Test_cxt.bmp
    I make S60 3rn GCCE Release.
    All files (project, SDK, perl, windows, bmp's) on drive C

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    Re: ERROR: Executing Bmconv failed!

    Thanks for posting, this is actually a known bug. When you use a .svg file it works properly, but is broken with BMP files. We are currently working to fix this, but at this time I don't have any workarounds I can give for BMP files.

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