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    Registering with backup Server in OS 9.1

    How to register with backup server in OS version 9. It is necessary for symbian signed as one of the Symbian Signed test case describes so,

    "that applications and data are not automatically backed up on Symbian OS v9 phones. You must explicitly register with the backup server to do this. Details and advance are available in technical papers on the Symbian Developer Networ"
    Sajid Iqbal
    ASD, Accredited S60 Developer

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    Re: Registering with backup Server in OS 9.1

    yep, you shoudl propably visit symbian developer site and find a document named: "PC Connectivity: How to Write Backup Aware Sofware for Symbian OS v9"


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    Re: Registering with backup Server in OS 9.1

    Does anyone has a link to this document?

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