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    Question CK-7W, bluetooth and Windows XP

    I have a fully operational Nokia car kit, CK-7W that works with my 6230 and 6680.

    I would like to pipe the sound from my PC into the car kit. This would allow my kids to watch a DVD on my work laptop and hear it with our stereo speakers.

    I know the CK-7W does not officially support this function.

    Has anyone experience programming this device. Is there a way to create a Windows XP driver?

    I have been able to program the Nokia 6230 via bluetooth to use the PC microphone and speakers.

    I can also get my 6230 MP3 files to play via the CK-7W.

    What i need is to have a windows program that sees the CK-7W and enable new services.



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    Re: CK-7W, bluetooth and Windows XP

    I am not really answering your specific question but offering an alternative solution...

    Are you familiar with FM transmitters (like http://froogle.google.com/froogle?q=...gle&ct=title)?
    You could plug this in the laptop headphone jack and tune the car radio to the correct frequency.

    Note however, that these devices might be illegal in your country. I know U.S. allows them but for example in Finland these are illegal.


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