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    Help:switching views

    I am adding a view to a project which on multi-view architecture, I have code
    the view.h view.cpp container.h container.cpp and defined the view in the AppUi.h ,when i press the related menu item ,the command passed to the AppUi::HandleCommandL(TInt aCommand) then the HandleCommandL call the ActivateViewL(VIEWID_RECITE),But the view function DoActivateL(const TVwsViewId& /*aPrevViewId*/, TUid /*aCustomMessageId*/, const TDesC8& /*aCustomMessage*/)
    does not to run ,the application reports App. closed ,I don't know where is wrong ,wish everybody can give me a hand.

    when i press other mune item ,the other ivew can display correctly.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Help:switching views

    Just look at the multiple views example at \Series60Ex\multiviews
    What is the error code it is crashing with?
    You can find the error code by creating a file errrd at wins\c\system\bootdata.

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    Re: Help:switching views

    Before calling the DoActivate the system calls the Id(). Check the UID that you return in Id() method. It should not be same as any view in your application.

    Hope this helps.
    Best Regards

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