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    Talking Nokia N80 crashes and reboots.

    Hi all,

    I've found something that really messes up the Nokia N80 I am developing on.
    What I begun with was how to find a way to get RDebug to print out on the N80's internal serial port.
    (See this thread for further information )
    Which has not been successful so far.

    So I made some testcode to just see if I could access the internal serial port, and write some data to it.
    void CPortMeAppUi::TestThis( void )
        RCommServ tComServ;
        RComm tComPort;
        TInt tError;
        TRequestStatus tRequest;
        tError = tComServ.Connect();
        if( tError == KErrNone )
            tError = tComServ.LoadCommModule( _L("ECUART") );
        if( tError == KErrNone )
            tError = tComPort.Open( tComServ, _L("COMM::0"), ECommExclusive, ECommRoleDTE );
        if( tError == KErrNone )
            TBuf8<50> tBuffer;
            tBuffer.Copy( _L8("Writing data") );
    	for( TInt tLoop = 0; tLoop < 100; tLoop++ )
    		tComPort.Write( tRequest, tBuffer );
    		User::WaitForRequest( tRequest );
    With this code the "open" command returns KErrNoMemory, which really does not give me any idea about what I am doing wrong.

    So I tried changing the port I am trying to open, just to see if I would get another error code.
    tError = tComPort.Open( tComServ, _L("COMM::1"), ECommExclusive, ECommRoleDTE );
    The result of this code running in the Nokia N80 causes the application and complete phone to freeze. When calling to the phone it does not ring, nor display anything at all. All keys are dead.
    After looking at the dead phone for about 30 seconds to one minute it restarts.

    I know that you can with C++ write some really horrible code that can cause havoc even in the most stable systems, but in this code I do not see anything that could cause those symptoms.

    So, any comments anyone?


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    Re: Nokia N80 crashes and reboots.

    If you update the N80 to whatever is the latest phone software (firmware), is the problem still there or gone?


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