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    Exclamation how can i run my wml

    guyz it is my first time here in this forum.
    help me with my project study. I want to make a electric bill via WAP.
    Help me what first step may i gonna do.

    My project study i decided to do is when a costumer want to know how much
    his/her bill in a month he/she will text to the computer and then the computer
    will reply all the information he/she just trying to browse.

    I know that i nee to use a wml script so that a cellphone could browse the information.

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    Re: how can i run my wml

    WML (Wireless Markup Language) relates to WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) 1. You create a WML "deck" (like HTML pages) and put them on a WAP gateway (or a web server accessible through a WAP gateway).

    Then the phone users uses a WAP browser on their phone to connect to the correct "address" to load the WML and do whatever it does.

    When you say "text to the computer", do you mean that the user is supposed to send a text message (an SMS, Short Message Service) to your computer, and then your computer does something with that message? If so, for one, you can't respond to that SMS except by sending back another SMS with a link for the user to click, if you want them to browse the information (it'd be simpler to send the information in the SMS, if it fits).

    Now, in order to do that, you have to in the simplest form connect another phone to your computer. Then the phone connected to your computer receives the SMS. After that, you need to figure out how to get the message off the phone to your computer, and then send a reply.

    Harder and more expensive ways to get the SMS to your computer is via a network operator's SMS gateway (or their SMS-C, Short Message Service Center). Then you don't need a mobile phone connected to your computer, but you will need to apply for a short code number (from a local regulatory body) and make a contract with the network operator to connect to their SMSC, and then set up all that they require for connecting to their SMS-C either directly or indirectly via some kind of special service. This also integrated with the network operator's billing infrastructure (you can charge people for sending the SMS to you and the operator takes their cut from that, and then invoices you for messages received and sent by you). That's how professional services do it, but it is costly and makes no sense for a study project (unless you're very wealthy and can afford it for just studying purposes).

    Note also that without integration with the network operator's billing systems as in the above case, you have no access to any operator billing mechanisms (you can't charge the user by SMS or via WAP pagess), unless you do it entirely separately with PayPal or directly with a credit card company or other financial institutions.

    So, if you only want to "simulate" a service where phone users request info about their phone bill, or something, it can be done relatively easily, but real billing data or real invoicing is something entirely different.

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    Exclamation Re: free wap server

    help me with a free wap server to plug my wml files.

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