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Thread: GPS-J2ME

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    Hi Dear Friends
    I want to write a J2ME application on a GPS-phone, so that it become able to report the phone's location. This is the scenario : a j2me application sends "tell me your location" to GPS-selfphone j2me application via SMS, and it will respond the location.
    Is it feasible? Which phone model is appropriate as the GPS-enabled phone? Is Nokia 3585i a good one? Has all GPS-selfphones a java interface for getting the gps-location?
    Thanks in advance

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    Re: GPS-J2ME

    I'm not sure what you mean with "GPS-selfphone"?

    Bluetooth GPS is the only source for your application on Nokia phones to get a location from. So the phone has to support JSR-82, which 3585i certainly does not. I'm sorry to tell you but you need a way better phone...

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    Re: GPS-J2ME

    hi _aliakbary,
    please review JSR-179 (Location API for J2ME):

    what you have described looks rather like location data based on telemetry services available videly in US for companies/business co-operating with carriers,

    without telemetry we can rely only on GPS modules either:
    - using JSR-82 (bluetooth api) and custom parsing (devices without JSR-179)
    - using JSR-82/JSR-179 for devices witl location api support
    - built-in GPS module and JSR-179

    the last option will become reality on Nokia devices in announced/upcoming phones like Nokia 6175i and - gizmo hit - N95:
    the last one details:


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