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    Local Synchronization


    I'd like to perform a local synchronization over Bluetooth with a 6310i or 7650, but not with a Windows PC, and not triggered from the phone.

    As I understand, the SyncML client on the 7650 can only be triggered from the phone, not the other device.
    As I also understand, these phones do not support the IrMC 1.1 synchronization standard over Bluetooth.
    As far as I know, Nokia uses a proprietary synchronization protocol over the serial link.

    - Is this exact?
    - Is there any chance to get access to this protocol and perform a local synchronization over Bluetooth, or a the serial link?


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    RE: Local Synchronization


    You are correct, local sync is not possible. Specification for serial communication / sync is not public.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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