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Thread: WLAN help

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    Exclamation WLAN help

    I just bought a new Nokia N91 and I am having problems with using the WLAN feature on it.
    When I go to connection manager under the connectivity menu and try and open it, nothing happens!
    I read on some other forum that the nokia N91 comes with two different models, one without WLAN capabilities! Is this true??
    If yes, how do i check if my phone is one of those so I can return it! Also if my phone is one of those models without WLAN capabilities, would I be able to update the firmware or something to get it running?

    Please someone reply fast coz I am running out of time to return the phone if I cant work WLAN.


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    Re: WLAN help

    This is not a end-user support forum. If in doubt about your phone's features you should contact you local vendor or Nokia's product support site, e.g. for Europe see this page.

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