I am using a CAknForm and it contains some CAknPopupFieldText popups. The form and fields are created from a resource file. Skin support is enabled in the appui constructor.

When the form is using the double height style, EEikFormUseDoubleSpacedFormat, the text and background colors used for the highlighted item within a popup are different to those used when the form is single height.

When highlighting an item in the popup the single height form uses a contrasting background colour and changes the text colour usually from black to white or vice versa. The double height form uses a different background colour, which is some themes is only slightly contrasting to the usual background, but does not change the text colour

In most themes this is acceptable. However, a customer has a theme where the highlight colour used for the double height form is the same as the usual background colour. As the text does not change colour either, they have no way of seeing which item is highlighted so the popup is not usable.

I tried working round this using OverrideColorL, but this had no effect on the popups.

This is on 3rd edition and may also affect the later 2nd edition with skin support.

Why do the popups in the double height form use different colors than when they are in single height form? Any suggestions for a different workround?