Hi all,

I am using the software:

symbian 8.0a
CodeWarrior for Symbian v3.1
2nd Edition SDK Feaure Pack 2

My helloworld basic program worked well.

But for my dialog creation application, problem arised....

my application has no compilation and linking errors...In the emulator also the application icon is seen... but when i try to open that application by clicking on the icon "system error " pops up....

so I pursued a lot and saw the preferences of the emulator where it was shown that java runtime version 1.4.1_02 is needed so i uninstalled my previous java runtime version 1.3.1_18 and installed jre 1.4.1_02.

Now when I execute the application of creating the dialog there are no errors but when the emulator starts then an error is shown as
"etelsat.dll is not found. The application is failed to start.Reinstalling the application may fix the problem."

I reinstalled codewarrior.sdk but could not rectify this.
What should I do?

Thanks and regards,