I'm using Carbide C++ 1.1 build 47
Has anyone else seen this error:
I created a DLL project using the CW SDK 2.0 with NO FEATURE PACK.
It compiles fine in the Emulator Debug build.
When I compile in ARMI Release I get an error when it launches the Def File Creator:

perl.exe -S makedef.pl -v -Deffile MyDll.infi -Frzfile "../group/MYDLL_armEKA1.def ../group/MyDLL_winscw.def" "MYDLL.def"

I ran this in the command line and first got the error that -v is not a valid option. In the settings for def file creation in the emulator build, the -v is not there while it is there for the armi build.
I removed it and got an error that it can't find the freeze file. If you notice,
-Frzfile "../group/MYDLL_armEKA1.def ../group/MyDLL_winscw.def" it put the .def file from the arm build and emulator build as the name of the freeze file.
I removed the emulator def file so it was just -Frzfile "../group/MYDLL_armEKA1.def " and it built fine so I know it's not something in the code.
I tried manually modifying the makefile to remove the -v and the emulator .def file from the -Frzfile option but when I rebuild the project, it all gets set back.

I took my code files and put them into a dll project using FP3 SDK and it worked fine! I looked at the def file creation settings in armi FP3 settings, and it doesn't have the -v flag. So this seems to be a No Feature Pack error.