I have problem with asking user for seting my application as default or not.

The easiest way (and currently I dont know other) how to set your application as default handler for certian file types (MIME types) is to add this information into registration file. (AppName_reg.rsc).

As my application is one of many possible (there is at least builtin one), I want to ask user during installation if he wants to have my application as default or not. I used this on v1 and v2 editions in pkg file:

"Ask.txt"-"", FILETEXT, TEXTSKIP ;Set as default?

So by default, 'nodefault' file is installed and if user chooses to set as default, 'default' file is installed over 'nodefault'.

But it seems, this is not working on new 3rd OS. At least on my E61 with the latest firmware (2.0618.06.05). Of course, I'm using AppName_reg.rsc instead of aif files.

So I have two questions:
1. Is there other way, how to set my application as default handler?
2. Is TEXTSKIP working or not? Have somebody tried to use it?

Another strange issue with TEXTSKIP is when I choose 'No', installation run normally, but at the end there is text 'Installation canceled' insted of successful. So it seems as this is replaced with TEXTABORT.

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