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    Question Problem in porting from N73 to N71

    I'm a newb on symbian, for porting from N73 to N71,
    I'm facing some problem. When I'm try to run it on N71,
    nothing is drawing on the screen.

    When, after given an interrupt like charger plug-in or
    flip close and open, the current screen of the application
    is shown on the screen, ie application is working in background.
    Sound is also playing.

    it might be also be a direct screen access issue...

    My startdrawing function is like

    void CGame::StartDrawing(bool in_bResetKeyStates)
    if(!m_bRunning && m_nError == KErrNone && m_IsForeground)
    TRAPD(dsaError, m_pDirectScreenAccess->StartL());
    if(dsaError != KErrNone)
    // starting DSA failed, stop drawing
    m_bRunning = true;
    m_pGc = m_pDirectScreenAccess->Gc();
    m_pRegion = m_pDirectScreenAccess->DrawingRegion();

    TTime time;


    if (in_bResetKeyStates)
    TRequestStatus *statusPtr = &iStatus;
    User::RequestComplete(statusPtr, KErrNone);
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