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    S40 v3 (6265) Album player

    I have a 2Gb minii SD memory card in my 6265 with the music source set to a "music" folder on the memory card. That folder has sub folders for each album. When I first open "Media" "Music Player" the phone parses all the music files it can find on the memory card, which can take some time, and then starts at the first track of the first album. To get to any other track I have to scroll through the whole list of all tracks of all the albums.

    Alternatively, if I select "Gallery" "Memory card", then the "music" folder and a sub folder I can only play one track from that folder and then have to go through the whole selection process to select the next track.

    A simple problem really how do I get it to select the sub folder and play just the tracks in that folder?

    Sorry if this is the wrong forum but I got here looking for a simple music player that did this properly. There doesn't seem to be anything around apart from the elusive "Music Player" which appears to be for S60's

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    Re: S40 v3 (6265) Album player

    i suppose u have to browse through all the folders for the first time when ur application gets started.Later you can store the URLS along with their path somewhere and then using those URLS you can play ur songs for the rest of the time.When u quit ur application store these URLS in Recordstore or in the filesystem as a file and reuse it.

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    Re: S40 v3 (6265) Album player

    I have the same problem. I am disappointed with Nokia's MP3 player. Please let me know if you found a solution.

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