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    Question CSendUi::CreateAndSendMessageL And DRM capability

    I have an application which uses CSendUi::CreateAndSendMessageL to send sms, the application works fine and it sends the without any problem. but when I test with Symbian AppTest Lite tool to test my application, but my test fails in CON-03
    FAILED   CON-03 No billable events occur.
                    FAIL Monitor for billable events while app is running.
                    OK   Close app before test, in case running already.
                    FAIL Running of app recording. 
                           Should not terminate unexpectedly.
                    OK   App can be closed gracefully within 15 s timeout.
    I read the documentation and I found that CreateAndSendMessageL requires DRM capability. But I don't have this capability.
    The question is:
    1- Is that why the test case fails, because of missing DRM capability?
    2- Since I don't have DRM capability and it's required by CreateAndSendMessageL, how could my application send SMS with out problems?


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    Re: CSendUi::CreateAndSendMessageL And DRM capability

    You should not be using CSendUi as it very capability heavy.

    Rather you should be using RSendAsMessage which does not require any capabilities though it enforces security.

    I would go as far as saying you would not get DRM capability for this case as there is a workaround as I suggested above.

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    Re: CSendUi::CreateAndSendMessageL And DRM capability

    I have used CSendUi::CreateAndSendMessageL() in my application without DRM capability and I don't have any problems with that.

    According to S60 documentation, this function needs DRM capability when the users send DRM-protected file over MMS. Other than that, it should not require DRM capability.


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