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Thread: Nokia 6233

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    Unhappy Nokia 6233

    Hi all,
    I am new here and just got a question about Nokia phone.

    The new Nokia 6233 (s40) has a lot of changes which has alot of functions and looks from S60. It also has a QVGA Screen 320 x 240.

    If I have an application (like Tomtom) which is for S60. Will it work with Nokia 6233 ??
    Has anyone tried that?

    Thank you very much for reading

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    Re: Nokia 6233

    Hi vnt! Welcome to Nokia Discussion Boards!!

    As you said, 6233 is a S40 3rd Ed device. In S40 devices you could run J2ME applications. You cannot run Symbian C++ applications in S40 devices.
    Also check whether API support required for the target application is available in the 6233.
    You could see the technical specifications of 6233 here


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