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    Theme Help

    I designed this theme with Theme Studio. It works fine on a 7370, but when I tried it on a 6280 the menu screen was the default blue background instead of the background image it should be.

    Compatible phones: 6131, 6233, 6280, 6270, 7370 & other S40 ph's with screen res 240x320.

    Any suggestions? Any help appreciated.

    You can try the theme here:


    Another here:


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    Re: Theme Help


    Im not shure but this comes into my mind.
    In Theme Studio 2.1 you can chose WALLPAPER and BACKGROUND image so im thinking that you might have chosen just one of these.
    Also if you want the images of you choise every where in the phone as your background image you have to select it in VERY VERY many places.
    F.ex. in the calender you have to chose the same background image 12times if you want to advoide the standard blue background.

    The good thing is that when you have chose ALL the places that you want you images to apper you just have to rechose the image when you have changed it and then ALL the images of the same filename will be updated.

    Hope this helps

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