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    Grid: help PLZ (Urgent)


    I have created 2 views...
    with the help of given example in SDK, i have created a similar view and container like AknExGridViewAsSelection.
    in main view , in option there are 2 options,
    1. view1
    2. view2
    on selecting this it is changing view.
    but the text of icon that it is showing in view2 is same as text in view1 allthough i have changed it in AddDataL function.

    what is the problem?
    Plz plz plz help me , its little urgent

    Thank you

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    Re: Grid: help PLZ (Urgent)

    i think you have got the same contents in your grids ItemTextArray().Delete the existing one and add contents onto this array when you switch to view2.
    hpe ths helpz
    Bst Regardz

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    Re: Grid: help PLZ (Urgent)

    Yes .. My problem solved..
    Thanks a lot

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    Re: Grid: help PLZ (Urgent)

    Hi Diptvs
    Do you still have the code can you give that to me?

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