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UK Company
OS and Java Validation Team Leader
Salary Guide £45k plus bonus and benefits

Department Description 
The Validation Team is overseeing all tests aspects of the platform and product developments undertaken within the customer site.

This primarily entitles the following responsibilities:
- Taking part of Feature and System test plans definition.

- Defiining the Integration test plan in its integrity.

- Participating to the Vendor management selection and taking part of key vendor management process (creation of Test Statement of Work requirements to be integrated within the suppliers’ processes and standards).

- Actively contributing to the SW FMEA efforts in conjunction with SW development, suppliers and other Test teams (for instance: System test, IOT and Field test teams).

- Developing Test Automation platform specific to the project implementation to be used by the Validation Team and others (for example: IOT, FT…).

- Taking part of Feature tests in conjunction with the SW Development team prior to code complete stage (pre-integration tests as part of the risk mitigation milestone).

- Coordinating, planning and executing Integration tests i.e.:
1- Regression tests on each official baseline (Smoke or Sub-smoke tests).
2- Full set of integration tests (encompassing the nine categories of test cases defined by the Team) as soon as OK0 i.e. ITRR (Integration Test Readiness Review) is passed.

Specific Knowledge/Skills 
1- Java TCK and JDTS test execution for mobile manufacturer or network operator
2- Code C++/VB (nice to have)
3- Symbian and Java knowledge