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    Using Corel Draw insted of illustrator

    I wanted to know if their was a way i could use Corel Draw as the Vector Editor insted of Illustrator whenever i try to use it it just opens a text box with some text in it

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    Re: Using Corel Draw insted of illustrator

    Never tried of Corel but maybe I'll use it because AI took my RAM like hell.
    Ruli Rahmadi

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    Re: Using Corel Draw insted of illustrator

    Corel Draw is supposed to be a pretty comprehensive set of tools. Been around for years.
    However - it never quite captured the professional market.
    Adobe illustrator is expensive, but is solid and dependable & all adobe products are memory hogs these days.
    So the answer is...if you need to edit vector graphics you should use illustrator...they even do a 30 day trial if you need it...

    Otherwise I am surprised that Coreldraw doesn't open the files OK.

    on reflection, I have opened vector files that looked empty until I selected all the content on screen, and gave it a colour! (the file had the vectors but the "ink" colour had been discarded..)

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