I want to distribute my application as a free demo download with an unlock code to access the full game.

Quite understandably sites like Handango want demo versions downloaded from their site to link back to handango to register. Whilst I want the normal version of my game to link directly back to my website to avoid Handango taking an extra cut from sales not generated via handango.

I may sell on multiple sites all with the requirement that the registration dialog links to their sites, so this presents a big problem that every time I make a version linking to a different site I will need to pay to get it signed.

To make it worse multiply this problem by 3 as I'll have versions for Series 60 V8 , V9 and UIQ3.

I'd had it suggested that I could get a signed basic application, then separate signed data files to install a text or resource file that included the link address, then embed these two together into a combined unsigned .SIS file. But it appears this won't work as the combined file would also need to be signed separately.

Symbian FAQ-1266 states:
"In order to avoid all installation warnings, both the outer and embedded SIS files must be Symbian Signed."

Are there any other possible solutions? If not can I suggest the symbian signed process should build something into the pricing plans to make this not prohibitively expensive.