I want to build a socket connect from Nokia 7650 emulator to a PC in internet. I have a modem in my PC. I read the online document, it said:
" CommDb should then be used to configure the appropriate telephony and comms services. Run setupcomms.bat and choose item 1, Modem Information:

Set PortName to COMM::<port-number>, e.g. COMM::0 for COM1.

Set TSYName to HAYES

Set CSYName to ECUART"

Thus, I executed the setupcomms.bat. Above all, it is item 'a' instead of item '1' to configurate the the modem. Then, I accessed the item 'a'. Because my modem is located in com3, so, I set PortName to COMM::2, set TSYName to HAYES, set CSYName to ECUART. And keep the remain part unchange.
But I still fail to connect the emulator to internet.
I wonder : Did I perform the right configuration? Do I need to configurate the other parts in the Nokia 7650 emulator in order to access the internet?
Please give me help! Thank you very much!