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    SATSA (JSR177) PKI MIDlet works in emulation, what about Nokia E70?

    Hi Forum members,

    A lot has been said in this forum on nokia phones supporting satsa packages. Many postings are about the SATSA packages (APDU, JCRMI, PKI and CRYPTO) and whether they are implemented on Nokia phones or not. I have written a J2ME MIDlet which uses 3 functions from the PKI package. These are "UserCredentialManager.generateCSR", "UserCredentialManager.addCredential", and "CMSMessageSignatureService.sign". I don't need any communication with the SIM directly (i only use the PKI package) through the lowlevel APDU en JCRMI.

    I don't know if Nokia's PKI package implementation internally uses the APDU or JCRMI package for communicating with a SIM card. This might depend on the fact if Nokia's PKI implementation even needs a SIM at all or if the keystore and signature routines are software only. The JSR177 specification leaves these choises open for JSR177 implementors like Nokia.

    Everything works for me in both the SUN emulation as well as Nokia prototype_sdk_4_0 emulation. Now on to hardware. After a small battle with jad/jars and package signing i got my MIDlet in the Trusted Third Party domain.

    Can anyone tell me if a Nokia E70 without a SIM installed will be able to process the mentioned JSR177 PKI API calls?


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    Re: SATSA (JSR177) PKI MIDlet works in emulation, what about Nokia E70?

    Hi, I have the same problem. Did you solve that? Please let me know.

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