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    How to export data files in carbide.c++ express

    I'm used to editing the bld.inf files and adding exports for things like header files into \epoc32\include\...
    And I also use the bld.inf to export things like JPEGs and game data into the relevant directory within the mapped z:\system\apps on the emulator, and epoc32\data for the device.
    Does anyone know how i do this in carbide? I'm at a loss.

    best regards

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    Re: How to export data files in carbide.c++ express

    Ok, from what I understand. This is not possible.
    Firstly the Bld.inf directives are not fully supported - only the MMP import.

    The advice is to copy the files manually which is an awfully error prone solution especially if you are developing a DLL and some test app.
    Instead, I have written a .bat file which copies the files and am trying to integrate it into the carbide build.

    May I add a request to be able to drag any file into the carbide workspace and then assign a destination directory (relative to \epoc32\) to export to as part of the build, and to support exporting to \epoc32\include\foobar\...

    best regards

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