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    Decoded Buffer Bytes Writing On Disk


    I want A code that Recive downloaded file Inside email message and Decoding it (e.g.Base64) Lets say the Decoding Method Is Here:

    TInt CMimeCodeBase64::Decode(TDesC& pbOutput, TInt nMaxSize)

    If The User Set (100)Kb for (nMaxSize) and the Size of The (Downloaded) file Is (500) that Means Every (100)K five times I will Recieve a Buffer for writing on the Disk Every time I will Recive 100K decoded then Write it to a disk ...etc, I want a code that do this process How I write this Code?

    Note : I dont want you to Write a code for Decoding (Routine) Inside the method (Decode) Consider It is written and ready for use.
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