IU'm Using Carbide.ui S60 Theme Edition 3.1 for Symbian OS to create my first theme for my N70 and i'm having problems with the backgrounds. In carbide i'm using 2 backgrounds, 1 for my active and 1 for my idle. every thing in carbide looks fine until i transfer it to my fone. there is a blank white wallpaper where my wallpapers should be on my idle screen and my menu screen, but the active wallpaper does show on some of the submenu's. The N70 is a S60 2nd gen fp3 fone, but the backgrounds dont work if i create this sis file. if i create a sis pack for a S60 2nd gen fp2 fone then the backgrounds sorta work, but they are still not like it is shwon in carbide, and alot of the changes i've made have nt been changed. If any1 can help or give me advice it would be greatly appreciated!!!