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    Unhappy Problem Carbide.c++ / RFile & RFs

    Hi everybody!

    I try to develop an application with Carbide.c++ which must access files. So I simply used the RFile / RFs method but after building my project, there are some problems I can't solve. Here's a sample of the code (it's very simple) :

    TInt err=file.Open (fsSession,KWorksDataFile,EFileStreamText|EFileWrite|EFileShareAny);
    if (err==KErrNotFound)
    I don't think there's an error in my code but Carbide displays some errors :

    Undefined Symbol: 'int RFs::Connect(int) (?Connect@RFs@@QAEHH@Z)' ...
    Undefined Symbol: 'int RFile::Open(class RFs &,class TDesC16 const &, unsigned int) (?Open@RFile...
    I read a lot of things about this on Internet like include the efsrv.lib library or include f32file.h in the project. I tried everything but the errors are always there... I begin with Carbide and perhaps that I did something wrong.

    Hope leaves. Please help

    PS : And sorry for my approximative english. I hope you'll understand what I say.
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    Smile Re: Problem Carbide.c++ / RFile & RFs

    You have to link library efsrv.lib.
    I'm not a wizard, you have to chek in sdk help
    classes RFs and RFile; you will find something like:
    Location: f32file.h
    Link against: efsrv.lib

    Hope this can help.

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    Re: Problem Carbide.c++ / RFile & RFs

    Hi slibrenti!

    You're right. After searching in the carbide help, I saw I forgot a line. I didn't know that I had to include such a line !!??

    #pragma comment (lib,"efsrv.lib")

    Thank you. You're my hero!

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    Re: Problem Carbide.c++ / RFile & RFs

    Thanks it works, i just look from the libraries options in MMP file add the library and no more error

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