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    Question Carbide.c++ vs. MS VS2003+Carbide.vs


    I'm new to Symbian development (thogh I've read a lot of docs from forum.nokia). I'm using nokia smartphones from the very first 7650 and now I purchased E61, really fell in love with it (!) and decided to program for it.

    I tried Carbide.c++ Express edition and was impressed how easy the dev process is! Great product!!!

    I have MS Visual Studio 2005 (not 2003), so I can't try Carbide.vs.

    So here're the questions:

    - Is there anything that VS2003+Carbide.vs has that is not present in Carbide.c++ Express?
    - Which one tool is generally better and why? I suppose that Carbide.c++ Developer is the best, at least because of UI designer and on-device debugging - am I right? (but I'm not ready to buy it, at least until I'll see that the purchase will bring me more money than it costs)


    P.S. The intended platform is S60 3rd and maybe 2nd

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    Re: Carbide.c++ vs. MS VS2003+Carbide.vs

    I would suggest you to stick with Carbide.c++.

    Carbide.vs was developed before Nokia released Carbide.c++. At that time, there are two IDE's supported, i.e. VS 2003 and CodeWarrior.

    For the future, it seems that Nokia will no longer support those two IDE's and move to Carbide.c++ completely (this is my guess only though).


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