I am trying to import a bld.inf file in carbide. The situation is this

1) The workspace is e:\shared\mbrain\PrjX

2) Carbide has generated a UI in e:\shared\mbrain\PrjX\PrjXUi

3) An existing project with sources, a mmp file, the lot. The bld.inf file is imported and it is at e:\shared\mbrain\PrjX\PrjXLib\group\bld.inf.

Parsing the mmp file works fine, but after pressing Finish, there is a dialog with the error message

The new project location e:\shared\mbrain\ProX\PrjXLib contains existing resources.

Pressing the Details>> button shows this exact error message twice.

What I am trying to do is to use Carbide.c++ on an existing project, keeping the existing project folder structure. The helptext implies this should work.

Sander van der Wal