Hello all!

I'm using an E61 with the S60 3rd edition SDK and trying to figure out how to change the default call type between "Cellular" and "Internet". While this can be easily done using the Settings app (Tools->Settings->Call->Default call type), I really need to figure out how to do this dynamically from an application.

I was wondering if anyone else was trying to do the same, or (better still) has aleady figured it out? Is there an obscure API that can be used? Or is the solution hidden in the dark depths of CommDB??

My ultimate goal is to be able have a daemon running that monitors a WLAN connection and, when available, will automatically connect, register with asterisk and make the phone ready to make VoIP calls. I've pretty much fugured out all of the other bits (I can connect to the WLAN and register with asterisk) but if the default call type is set to "Cellular" then dialling a number will of course go out through the cellular network.
When registered with asterisk I'd like the calls to go through the WLAN without having to pester the user about it.

Am I going about this the right way? If I change the default call type manually (with the settings app) then the calls go where I'd expect them to so I assume that doing so from code would do so as well.

If anyone can help I would be extremely grateful!

Many thanks,