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    Buying Carbide Dev

    Please correct me if I'm wrong or missed something but I would like to purchase Carbide C++ Dev.

    I am a small independent developer and as far as I can tell to purchase the dev version costs €299. However, to purchse from the eStore I have to be a PRO member at a cost of €4000/year.

    So my dev version will now cost €4299.

    Er, no.

    I hope I've missed something but all the digging around the Nokia site seems to indicate that a PRO membership is required.


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    Re: Buying Carbide Dev

    Pro membership is not required. Check out:

    Good luck!!
    Let me know if you still can't purchase it.
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    Re: Buying Carbide Dev

    Now after visiting all three suggested links I am really failing to see how 'small independent programmer' is going to buy Carbide DEV. Link:
    lead us to download page where we can download trial. The second link:
    will bring us to 'Company Registration'. Small independent developer is something completely opposite to company. Now one must ask is Nokia against small independent developers? I guess not because Carbide DEV is small independent developer friendly priced. So, only one small thing is missing there, location from which entity which is not company can order license for Carbide DEV. I guess soon we will have that, is there anybody from Nokia who can comment on this?


    Filip Bulovic

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    Re: Buying Carbide Dev

    I dont know which country you are from so I can not help with specific country. I live in England UK,. In England we have a name for a company its called a "Sole Trader" or self employed.
    I had a Limited Company under law, but I decided I did not want it so I registered that company.
    My next company is a "Sole Trader" but not registered in law and will probably be the name of the website I want to start. Most people seem to be using modified version of their surname.

    The main problem will be the VAT number because unless you earn more that £10,000 or about 20,000 euros (no Euro) you dont get an intenational VAT number starting GB XXXXXXXXX.

    In the UK we have to currency convert out pounds at 50 euros cost to pay for this. How will I do this. Not a clue!, no international credit card you see.

    The name of your company in England would be "FBulovic Consultancy" because we are all "Consultants" in the UK

    Finally email the the Estore and ask them.

    email at Sales.codewarrior@nokia.com <Sales.codewarrior@nokia.com>

    There is also a dowloadable document on Carbide Licensing

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    Re: Buying Carbide Dev

    i have the same problem am only a Developer needs carbide Dev edition

    how can i buy a license i am not a company!


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    Re: Buying Carbide Dev

    Sorry of all the confusion.

    There is a simple answer and a confusing answer to the Estore:

    Simple Answer
    Use the link below - fill in the form, buy a product. There is no charge for setting up the account.


    Confusing Answer
    Our Estore is built understanding a hierarchy. When you create a new account, you are really creating a COMPANY record in our database, a USER account, and the first user is assigned the role of Account Owner (AO). As the AO, you can create additional accounts for USERS at your company.


    I am working on some improvements so that this will be eaiser for users. Since Forum Nokia PRO needs to work for a wide range of customers, there may be some things that we can't easily change.


    Mike Trujillo
    Forum Nokia
    Carbide.c++ Product Marketing Mgr

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