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    My working procedure to concatenate SMS messages for operator logo

    Recently, I need to handle a SMS operator logo project. I have no software tool to test smart messaging format XML. I am not sure whether I have done the project correctly. can anyone tell me whether I have done my project correctly?

    The following text is the result I convert a bitmap file file to smart messaging format:

    //SCKL15830000010301 3000480E0100003FCFFFE793FFF900001F9F7E3327FFFC00200B3EBF590FFFFE0070027EBF8C9FDFFF0070005EDFA01FA7F806F4601DE0320C7867

    //SCKL15830000010302 86EC60C1F63A737B1E80EC02CDE63A7F7BFE80EC020DE23A477B0E80EF020DE0363B7AF6F9EFE6F9E3E4BE7BFEF3F3E673F3CC9CFDFDC619CF06D8

    //SCKL15830000010303 09C186031F1C1F9F3FF3E7C7FC00

    The result has 3 lines of sms messages.

    I take away SCKL Header and User Data Header 3000480E010, and then I concatenate these 3 lines of sms messages to 1 line of sms message (253 characters) as following :


    This is the my working procedure to encode smart messaging format to smart messaging format. If there is something wrong for my working procedure, please kindly reply to me!

    Please don't tell me to see Smart Messaging FAQ or any other documents. I have see a lot of such rubbish document. All the Smart Messaging format documents are rubbish. They don't have clear description!

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    RE: My working procedure to concatenate SMS messages for operator logo

    Maybe someone will reply to your message helping you when you show some curtoisy instead of "All the Smart Messaging format documents are rubbish" and have the cheek to say "please kindly reply to me!" You treat people how you want to be treat by others - thats how i've always learnt.

    BTW - your code is incorrect.

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