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    MProEngEngine engine Problem(set profile)

    Hi !

    all seniors!

    i am currently wokring on OS 9.2 and trying to set user profile. the following code working fine on emulator but it did not work on my device-3250.

    MProEngEngine* engine = ProEngFactory::NewEngineLC();
    engine->SetActiveProfileL( 1);//KProfileOfflineId );

    my application installed sucessfully but it did not launch from my own. if i remove the lib then every thing work fine and i am also having WriteDeviceDate capability.

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    Re: MProEngEngine engine Problem(set profile)

    I have the same problem.
    Did you receive any help regarding this problem?


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    Re: MProEngEngine engine Problem(set profile)

    The OP was using a base edition device with API's that are ONLY avaliable in FP1 and later devices, hence the application will NOT run as the dll's required are not there.
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