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    7650 application remains "dimmed" after closing grip.

    I have a bug in my application that also exists in sample applications. To see it build the "FocusEvent" sample and create a .sis file and install it on a real 7650. Run it, close the grip, answer NO to the "lock keyboard?" prompt. The application is now "dimmed" and remains dimmed. The only way to restore normal brightness is to exit and run again. How can this be corrected? - please help.

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    RE: 7650 application remains "dimmed" after closing grip.

    Does the AppUi in your application override CEikAppUi::HandleForegroundEventL()? If so then you need to call the function in the base class.


    void CFocusEventAppUi::HandleForegroundEventL(TBool aForeground)
    // your code here

    // then call the base class function

    The example FocusEvent is defective in this regard.
    Hope that fixes the problem for you.

    FN Developer Support.

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