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    Language support in symbian

    anybody any idea, how many languages are currently supported by symbian OS?
    how can i know in a symbian device what languages are support?


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    Re: Language support in symbian

    Natural (spoken/written) languages or programming languages?

    I assume you're talking about language localization to spoken/written languages...

    Symbian itself doesn't care (it is Unicode based).

    What languages actual products based on it supports does vary, and is principally up to the Symbian licensee and what kind of UI/application layer they decide to adopt (whether it is S60, S80 or UIQ, for example).

    S60 is probably available in (localized to) about 50 different languages, with a combination of roughly 2-6 different languages on a single device (usually English + one or more additional languages in various regional combinations; e.g., a device could have English+Chinese or English+Spanish+Portugese or English+Finnish+Swedish+Danish+Norwegian+Icelandic, etc.).

    What languages, e.g., a particular S60 device supports, you can see in the Settings app (menu > Tools > Settings > Phone > General > Phone language).

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    Smile Re: Language support in symbian

    Returns the language of the current locale.

    wish can help u.

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    Re: Language support in symbian

    Symbian OS supports many languages. You can check it out at http://www.symbian.com/developer/tec...ges_table.html

    However, as petrib said, one device may supports several languages only (not all of them).


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