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    No rule to make .sis file

    Hello all,

    after I have found an version 1.2 SDK to use Carbide.C++ Express to make an application for the Siemens SX1 I tried to import an example from this SDK. I have chosen the "graphics" example that can be found in C:\PROGRAMME\Series60_1_2_CW\series60ex\Graphics.
    It provides an .mmp file for the import to Carbide.

    But when copied the project files to the workspace the sis dir is not copied. I did this by hand and refreshed the project. Then the sis dir and the pkf file in it was shown in the tree in the Carbide window. A release for the debugger can be built, but when I tried to build one for the phone, I got this message:

    'Finished building target: C:/PROGRAMME/Series60_1_2_CW/epoc32/release/THUMB/UREL/Graphics.app'
    ' '
    make: *** No rule to make target `Graphics/sis/graphics.pkg', needed by `C:/OPT/SYM/Graphics/Graphics/sis/graphics.sis'.
    make: Target `all' not remade because of errors.
    Build complete for project Graphics
    Isn't the rule specified in the makefile? And doesn't Carbide creates the makefile?

    What do I have to do?

    Some days ago I had the same problem with a console based Hello world program. I got an .exe that I transferred to the phone and run.
    What decides about Carbide building a .sis file or not?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: No rule to make .sis file

    There is another on going thread with the same issue.i was not able to find that..anyways, hope this thread would do the job.


    Best Rgrdz

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    Re: No rule to make .sis file

    Well, I have looked for other threads. The problems that have been described were all other ones resulting in the same result. So, I'm still confused.

    I've had further looks on the console output and found a problem with the MBM compiler. The perl command outputs the file to:

    Correct would be:

    There is a wrong entry in the corresponding makefile:
    Graphics\S60 1.2 Phone (Thumb) Release\Bitmaps\subdir.mk

    But this file is generated when building the project in carbide.c++! Where does carbide get the information about this path from?

    I guess that's the reason or a similar problem for the missing rule to build the sis file. The corresponding makefile in the sis directory does contain the makesis call.

    Any idea?


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    Re: No rule to make .sis file


    I've had a closer loom to the .mmp file, the import description. Indeed the path for the image.mbm is given in the Bitmap section. I deleted a ..\..\ at the beginning of the TARGETPATH. Then I have deleted the project and imported again. The mbm file is now built correctly.

    I've had a look on the subdir.mk in the sis path. There is also a wrong path specification, I think. It looks:
    Graphics.sis/Graphics.sis: ./Graphics/sis/Graphics.pkg

    The corresponding line in another project named "Karsten1" which I have generated from the Carbide templates looks:
    C:/OPT/SYM/Karsten1/sis/Karsten1.sis: ./sis/Karsten1.pkg
    It includes the drive letter and the workspace. The graphics example generates an additional directory layer "Graphics".

    This seems to be the reason why makesis does not work. But, once again, I don't have any idea under which rule this makefile "subdir.mk" is generated by Carbide.


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