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    Bluetooth Qualified Profile - SPP

    How come so many phones are NOT "bluetooth qualified" for serial port profile (Serial-DevA, Serial-DevB)?

    As an example:

    The Nokia 6230 IS "qualified":

    But phones like Nokia 6131 and Nokia E61 are NOT:

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    Because no mobile phone needs SPP and it just confuses users and developers. DUN is sufficient.

    What is your actual question as you asked this one in the Java Bluetooth section?

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    Re: Bluetooth Qualified Profile - SPP

    Looks like the terminology has caused great confusion anyway!

    I have written a very typical jsr-82 bluetooth client / server app using StreamConnection (rfcomm).

    The "client" runs on a phone and the "server" runs on a custom hardware device (developed on the Casira Kit). Some Motorola phones fail when searching for services on the Casira hardware.

    I've discussed the problem with the Casira tech support.

    I explained that i'm developing an "SPP client" on a phone and an "SPP server" on the Casira and that service discovery sometimes fails with some Motorola phones.

    They responded that the problem is because
    "Motorola software does not allow any data to pass through SPP; it’s all transferred using DUN." and
    "since the phone does not support SPP, the error is occurring because the search does not return a valid service from the [supoprted profile] list"
    and provided a link to the bluetooth qualified website which appears to show that SPP is NOT supported.

    Many Nokia phones also show that they do NOT have support for SPP but our app works just fine.

    Clearly there is a terminology problem.

    When I refer to "SPP support" I think of support for RFCOMM clients/servers. (which anything running JSR-82 must have). And when I think "DUN" I think dial up networking.

    What am i missing?


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    Casira misunderstood your problem and I actually, I am not sure, I get it either.

    Just have a look at your service profile on the Casira site and check every attribute is according specifications and there are no futher attributes in your profile. Then, when everthing is correct there, I would guess there is a bug in the Motorola JSR-82 implementation and you have to find a work-around. Some Motorola devices have problems with Bluetooth.

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