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    how to check gprs connection +j2me?

    Hello friends I am devloping an client server application using j2me. In my application i need to check the network connection is available(gprs) or not. If the connection is available then i have to send the data to the server. if the gprs connection is not there i have to the data in local database.

    As this is a kind of MobileSurvey applicatin. The user takes the surveys through the mobile and store the answers in the local database(if network connection is not there)or send to server through Http connection.(if network connection is present).

    when the user press the "SUBMIT" button I have to find out whether the Gprs connection is there or not.then i have to decide as acoordingly.

    So friends please help me out how to proceed in this situation?
    Can i check the gprs connectiion is available or not?Is there any built in function is there?

    Please lewt me know???????????

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    Re: how to check gprs connection +j2me?

    First store the data locally and then try to connect to the server. If the connection is not possible, you could catch the exception thrown in a catch clause and keep the data in the local memory.


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    Re: how to check gprs connection +j2me?

    Hello Harrti,

    Is there build in function in j2me , which can check the network connection or gprs connection is present or not?if yes please let me inform.
    and will you please give the exact response that that the httpconnection will prodce when i will try to acess the URL in absence of network.

    i am gettingsometimes symbian OS exception for it(i am using 6600).

    Regards Rajesh

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    Re: how to check gprs connection +j2me?

    hi Rajesh,
    please do not cross-post,

    just try what Hartti posted, use Connector.open(...) method and catch runtime exception to handle possible lack of networking,

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