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    Uncatchable exception using RecordStore??

    Hi everyone. I've a very strange problem with RecordStore.
    In my MIDlet I download a file and then I save it in the RecordStore.

    If the file is too large the method addRecord(....) seems to throw an exception
    cause maybe it runs out of memory or space in the record store.
    The weird thing is that if I do:

    int index=0;
    other istructions;

    }catch(Exception e){
    exception handler code
    do something

    The "other istructions" are never executed and index is still 0, thus indicating that the addRecord throws some kind of exceptions , but the exception handler code is never executed too!!! while the "do something" code in the finally block is executed normally.
    WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING?? How can I catch this mysteriuos exception if not catching the type Exception??

    Thank u

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    Re: Uncatchable exception using RecordStore??

    This seems to happen because you're running out of memory, and when this happens what's thrown by the platform is java.lang.OutOfMemoryError, which is an instance of Error, not Exception.

    That's why your handler code is not being executed. In order to have it catching this error, you should change your catch block to something like:

    try {
    catch(Throwable t) {
    //check whether t is an Error or Exception with instanceof
    or you should catch the Error explicitly, like this:

    try {
    catch(OutOfMemoryError err) {
      // do something

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    Re: Uncatchable exception using RecordStore??

    Thank u very much! It works now

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    Re: Uncatchable exception using RecordStore??

    just as note, because you've mentioned that:
    called prior to write operation into RMS,

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