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    Context Sensitive Softkeys

    Hi all,

    I believe ive searched for this with no luck, but if ive missed a thread please excuse me. Im trying to implement a context sensitive options softkey for a small blackjack game im developing. I want the options softkey to display different options at different times. i.e. Before the game starts, the options should be Deal or Shuffle and whilst in the game, options should be Stick or Twist. I have all the commands in the .rss file where the softkey commands are defined, but currently they are all shown whatever the game state. I want a way to disable or hide the unwanted options whilst in a particular state.



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    Re: Context Sensitive Softkeys

    have a look into your AppUI class (CAkn... derived one) and its Cba() function, it returns button group container, which with you could set your command button on run time.


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    Re: Context Sensitive Softkeys

    Hi Yucca.
    I'm sorry to contact you @ this forum.
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    Thanks for you time.
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    Re: Context Sensitive Softkeys

    To get back on the topic:

    In the view or container call you can override the DynInitMenuPaneL method and dimm the option menu items you do not need.


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