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    Avoid Http pop up messages

    Hi all,

    Sorry if it´s a faq. Actually, I have been seen a lot of this same question at this forum, however I did not have a complete understanting about how this matter can be solved. I´m new on this.

    So, Is there a way to avoid the pop up of permition messages like either http or bluetooth caming from any nokia device? I´m trying to do that only by placing API permitions at both jad and jar files. Should it work only by setting permitions or do I need to sign my application as well?

    I saw some comments about signing . I would really like to do that
    without sign my jar file. Verisign CA is too expensive, isn´t it?

    Could anyone help me with that. Any explanation would be really appreciated. I´m loosing to much time in order to get a good solution to this matter without sucess.

    Thanks in advance.


    William Maluf Loureiro

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    Re: Avoid Http pop up messages

    You need to sign your midlet to be able to remove the permision prompts. However even signed applications (3rd party trusted domain, like with Verisign) have this settings as "ask always" and the user has to then change the setting to "always allowed".

    Verisign and Thawte certs are quite widely available on devices. I think Thwate is a little less expensive.

    This is to protect the user from malicious applications opening a network connection and spending user's money without the user being aware of this.

    On some devices you might be able to install your own certificate on the device and use that for signing, but this approach is generally not available.


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