I am using Carbide.C++ to build an engine DLL using S60 2nd edition FP2 SDK (Symbian 8.0). I used the Carbide wizard to generate a basic .DLL. For the emulator everything works just fine... when I try to build for the ARMI target, I get a Def file creator error and am not sure why.

The console output is provided below...what I don't understand is where it is getting the -Deffile parameters... why is it reporting that I should use either -Deffile or -Frzfile? How do I change this...I can't seem to find any dialog in the project preferences?

Thanks in advance...

'Invoking: Def File Creator for GCC98'
perl.exe -S makedef.pl -Deffile ./symbian_7.0s/lib/winscw/udeb/eVoiceEngine.infi ./symbian_7.0s/lib/armi/urel/eVoiceEngine.infi eVoiceEngine.infi -Frzfile "../group/eVoiceEngine_armEKA1.def" "eVoiceEngine.def"

MAKEDEF - .DEF file generator (Build 348)

MAKEDEF {options} [Output .DEF file]

options: (case-insensitive)
-Deffile [Input .DEF file]
-Inffile [Input export information file]
-Frzfile [Frozen .DEF file]
-1 [first export name] {-2 [second export name]}

Either specify -Deffile or -Inffile, and
either -Frzfile or -1 {-2} if required.
make: *** [eVoiceEngine.def] Error 1
make: Target `all' not remade because of errors.