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    Access point selection

    Hi guys,

    I have a unsigned midlet installed in nokia 6600. This midlet opens an http connection and it asks for permission before connecting. I understand this can be solved if I sign my midlet with a trusted certificate. But phone also asks to select Access Point. I want it to be automatic. Will this problem be solved if I sign my midlet? If not what else I should do? I don't find any default access point option in the phone. Please help me.

    Sanandan B.K.

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    Re: Access point selection

    Sanandan, If you sign you application the user has to still change the network access settings to "always allowed", as the default access setting for also signed (3rd party) midlets is "ask always".

    The signing won't remove the access point selection dialog.


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    Re: Access point selection

    Hi hartti,

    Thanks for your reply. Can you please help me to remove access point dialog?
    I have one access point which I use for all http or https connection. I want this access point to be default and selection to be automatic.
    Please help me in any way you can.

    With regards
    Sanandan B.K.

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    Re: Access point selection

    I also want to remove the notification,But I think it will be some relation to the OS(symbian OS),J2me can't avoid it.

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