Generally it is not possible. Symbian uses ordinal-based imports, so the names of the methods/functions are simply not present in the Symbian .dll file. In .dll files for the emulator you may find something, just that .lib file will not be useful for device builds.

Based on the original topic of this thread you might be asking about creating the .lib file for your own .dll project: that happens via using the freeze command of abld.bat, or the freeze command in Carbide.c++. After freezing the interface, the next rebuild of the project will also produce the import library. For development purposes you can also use the EXPORTUNFROZEN option of the .mmp file, which causes the creation of the import library, even if the project is not frozen.
Note that GCCE uses (and creates) the .dso files in epoc32\release\armv5\lib, so it will not generate .lib files there.

And this is obviously not a feedback, and has little to do with the original topic of this thread.