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    Firmware V4.0623.0.41 broke my APP on N80

    I have installed the V4.0623.0.41 FW thru Nokia Software Updater on my N80 :

    Nokia N80 (11)

    Rather than getting my phone improved, it has broken my application concerning Wi-fi stuff (WLAN) !!! The code bellow causes a "User-exec 3" panic error :

    RConnectionMonitor iMonitor;

    The simple declaration of this class makes my app to abort ! It worked fine on N80 before applying this damn firmware upgrade !

    I saw a post in Nokia UK forum about a new firmware upgrade V4.0623.0.42 but only available thru FOTA.

    How can I enable the FOTA and install the V4.0623.0.42 ? Anybody knows how to get around this?

    Any help is welcome.



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    Re: Firmware V4.0623.0.41 broke my APP on N80

    Seems like you have posted on the other forums too! Found the same thread in other sub sections.

    please make one of the post active and close the rest!

    i have mentioned a link out here



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