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    .rsc file not getting created

    I had written a .pkg file myself....i think i have done everything correctly;
    but there is an error in .pkg file.
    At this line ....there is an error: "sound.pkg" file not found

    "$(EPOCROOT)Epoc32\data\z\system\apps\sound\sound.rsc" -"!:\system\apps\sound\sound.rsc"
    sound.rsc,sound_caption.rsc files are not getting created.

    "sound" is my project's name.I use carbide ide,symbian 7.0

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    Re: .rsc file not getting created

    the .rsc files are compiled resource file from the resource compiler. these files would be created when you compile it for the target device. and more over the sdk says that
    "A resource file is available to an application at run-time, and usually has extension .rsc. It contains resources compiled from a source file, .rss."

    i would suggest you to
    1)Check your .rss file, check whether the .rsg file is created
    2) check the path of the .rsc file specified in the .pkg file and also manually check whether the .rsc and _caption.rsc files are created in the project folder
    3) try giving the full path, remove the epocroot and give the ful path..it may work out! i belive you need to specify a value for epocroot..


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