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    .app file is not getting created


    I have installed the carbide c++ developer edition (21 day trial). I created a test project of 'S60 2nd Ed FP3 Scalable GUI Application with UI Designer'. In the UI Design Selection Window (when creating the application) i selected 'Empty'.

    After building it gives warnings 'Invalid project path: Include path not found (c:\Program Files\Carbide\plugins\com.nokia.carbide.cpp.support_1.0.0\Symbian_Support\MSL\MSL_C\MSL_Common\Include'


    '*** Warning: File `objects.mk' has modification time in the future (2006-10-27 12:24:10 > 2006-10-27 12:24:08)'

    The .app file is also not getting generated. Can some one help me out ?

    Thank you,

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    Re: .app file is not getting created

    AFAIK, these two warning messages wont affect in creating .app files.
    i do remember Mitts (Forum Nokia Expert) giving an explanation for these two warnings.i did a random search looking for that thread.but im sorry that i couldnt find it out!
    do you get any other errors other than these two warnings?


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    Unhappy Re: .app file is not getting created

    Hi Priju,

    I get the 3 warnings of the first type and the second one. No other errors or warnings. I dont get why the .app file is not getting generated.

    Thank you,

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